About Us

Driven by Technology. Fueled by Happiness.

HONO is Humanizing Technology

An Organization is a structure built on network of teams and Employees. Employees need engagement as engaged Employees are happy and motivated naturally, to work towards a common goal.

HONO aims to build Human Relationships, capitalize on Employees unique strengths for Personal Growth and amplify the best of Human Talent through Innovative Technology. It facilitates real time engagement pulse, actionable Insights, 360 degree continuous feedback, empowerment, alignment, retention, growth, increased Employee satisfaction and much more.

HONO is a combination of Innovation & Humanity

Our Vision

Enable employees through
technology and services globally

Our Mission

Innovative and Simplified Employee Life
Cycle Solutions for Meaningful Insights
and Enhanced Productivity

Our Team

Our strength lies in our team as none of us is as smart as all of us.
They are passionate, hardworking and dedicated individuals determined to make HONO the best in Human Resource Technology.

HONO -whats in a name?

Inspired by the great mythology of origin of the Maori tradition...


The Māori people stem from only one source, namely the Great-heaven-which-stands-above, and the Earth-which-lies-below. According to the Māori, Heaven (Rangi) and Earth (Papa) are themselves the source and all else-in- between is Connected or 'HONO' as they say in Maori. Old civilisations are traditionally steeped in the roots of their culture, where the roots are deep and the foundations strong. Just as the roots of trees are strongly networked and support biodiversity, we at HONO are committed to connect people across cultures, traditions, ideas, beliefs and boundaries. Connecting across multi-channels, platforms and systems. Connecting the traditional systems with leading edge technology. We support the idea that no two human beings on the planet are separated by more than 7 degrees of “connectable dots”. It is pretty amazing how small the world is, and how connected we can be. Any structure or system, if it needs to grow, needs to build on a strong network and work with the best resources. An organisation can only grow through a healthy network of Happy People working together towards a common goal.