Empowering HR with Next-Gen AI Across the Employee Lifecycle 

HONO streamlines HR operations and elevates employee engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle, now enhanced with Gen-AI technology. Our AI-driven HCM suite, embedded with generative AI capabilities, offers intuitive, automated solutions that cater to both employee needs and organizational goals. 



Introducing Gen-AI Powered Chatbot for Comprehensive HR Management.

HONO's integration of Gen-AI across the employee lifecycle not only simplifies HR processes but also creates a more personalized, engaging, and efficient experience for every employee. By adopting our cutting-edge HCM suite, organizations can stay ahead in the evolving landscape of HR technology, ensuring they meet the dynamic needs of their workforce while driving operational excellence. 

“ HONO’s onboarding at NBC brought the power of technology enabling people processes to our system. The entire system has been automated with AI-powered, easy-to-use mobile enabled facial recognition. It’s been a welcome change for our employees”.

“ HONO has revolutionised the HR Tech landscape at India’s largest media house. All our processes are now seamlessly integrated. Most of our HR processes have become touchless. Our employees have greatly appreciated the ease of use and intuitiveness of HONO’s system”.

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