Payroll that Powers your Business

Experience error-free payroll with HONO's single source of truth, ensuring accuracy with every transaction covering the lifecycle of your employees and unifying your distributed teams on one platform. 

HONO: Your AI-Powered Payroll Partner

Intelligent error detection safeguards against financial leakages, and real-time global reporting keeps you in command of your expenditures. Experience a single source of truth, ensuring accuracy with every transaction and unifying your distributed teams on one platform.

Trusted by 300+ clients, 1M+ subscribers in 25+ countries

HONO: Transforming Payroll Challenges into Opportunities

For CFOs and CEOs

  • On-Time Payments:

    Ensure punctual payroll processing and payments, maintaining trust and morale.

  • Accuracy & Compliance:

    Avoid penalties and protect your reputation with precise payment processes.

  • Robust Security & Audit Controls:

    Enhance governance with advanced security measures and audit trails, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

For Payroll Managers

  • Streamlined Processing:

    Experience swift, accurate and compliant payroll operations every time.

  • Powerful Reconciliation Tools:

    Our advanced tools ensure easy and accurate reconciliation.

  • Automated Workflows:

    Embrace automation for quicker, more efficient payroll processing.

For HR Managers

  • Enhanced HRSS:

    Reduce employee queries with clear, accessible information, automated responses and data insights. 

  • Flexible Group Processing:

    Customize payroll operations. Easily manage split processes based on specific group needs.

  • Compliant Tax Calculations:

    Stay aligned with regulations. Our system ensures tax calculations are always up-to-date and compliant. 

  • Guaranteed Payroll Precision:

    Deliver consistently accurate payroll, maintaining employee trust and satisfaction. 

  • Information on a click:

    Enable data-driven decision making, with easy-access payroll information.  

For Managers and Employees

  • Easy Access MSS & ESS:

    View pay slips, tax forms, and more with ease through our Employee Self-Service portal.

  • Simplified Requests:

    Raising queries or requests is hassle-free, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly. 

  • Transparent Salary Insights:

    Understand your salary details. Get clear explanations for any payout variations directly through our platform. 

Explore HONO Payroll

Features of HONO's Payroll System

Centralized Global Payroll

Manage global teams from a single platform.

Expert Local Support

Ensure accurate, compliant payroll with in-country specialists and partners. 

Robust Data Security

Protect sensitive payroll information with SaaS cloud-based infrastructure and advanced protocols.

Consolidated Compliance

Simplify payroll management and reduce risk with unified processes, certified compliances related to data and risk and automated updates.

Integrated HR Analytics

Uncover workforce trends and patterns with combined payroll and HR data. 

Scalable for Growth

Adapt the payroll system seamlessly as your global workforce evolves. 

Payroll Without Borders:
Elevate Your Global Operations

Conquer the complexities of global payroll with our future-proof solution. Experience the freedom of centralized control, the peace of mind of assured compliance, and the advantage of data-driven insights for your growing international workforce. Our global payroll solution is designed to provide a unified, cloud-based platform that scales with your business. Whether you're looking to streamline processes, enhance compliance, or simplify administration, our solution empowers your organization to manage payroll with confidence and efficiency. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and hello to a unified global payroll engine that fuels your success.

Why Your Business Needs a Streamlined Global Payroll

The EY Global Payroll Survey reveals that embracing a global payroll solution not only aligns with the vision of 65% of HR and payroll leaders but also delivers tangible benefits. Experience an average of 32% savings through process optimization, more than 20% through standardization, and a significant 50% reduction in resource use, thanks to productivity enhancements.

  • Expand with Confidence:

    Scale your payroll operations as your business conquers new markets. 

  • Compliance Made Easy:

    Proactive updates, in-country specialists – we've got your back.

  • Unlock Strategic Insights:

    Your global payroll data holds the key to better workforce decisions. 

  • Empower Your Global Team:

    Globalised self-service tools and localized support boost employee satisfaction. 

  • Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips:

    Resolve payroll complexities quickly with support from experienced professionals. 

  • Integrate and Elevate:

    Seamlessly connect payroll and HR data for streamlined operations and strategic insights.

  • Data Protection You Can Trust:

    Robust security protocols and compliance with privacy laws safeguard sensitive information. 

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Payroll is Complicated. HONO makes it easy.

Gain not just time and money, but peace of mind and expertise across all payroll and compliance needs with our comprehensive outsourcing solutions.

Compliance Confidence:

Experts stay updated on changing regulations, providing support and minimizing potential compliance risks for your business.

Scalability for Seamless Expansion

Confidently add new countries and territories to your operations with HONO’s payroll coverage in over 200 countries.

Digitized Year-End Processes

Eliminate paperwork hassles with streamlined, online year-end processing, including tax calculations and form preparation. 

Focus on Your People:

By outsourcing payroll, your HR team gains valuable time to prioritize strategic initiatives.

Real-Time Accessibility

Access and manage your payroll information anytime, anywhere.

Precision & Punctuality

Your payroll is consistently accurate, processed on time, and adheres to all relevant tax and labor regulations.

Employee Data Privacy and Security with
Unmatched Agility




ISO/IEC 27001

SOC2 Type 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll software is a specialized tool designed to automate and streamline the process of payroll management within organizations. It handles tasks such as calculating salaries, deducting taxes, managing benefits, and generating payroll reports.

Payroll software works by integrating with various data sources within an organization, including timekeeping systems and HR databases. It automates the calculation of wages, taxes, and deductions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations. The software generates paychecks or direct deposits, and often includes features for tax filing and reporting.

Organizations use payroll software to simplify and expedite the payroll process. It reduces the risk of errors, ensures compliance with tax laws, and enhances overall efficiency. Payroll software also provides a centralized platform for managing employee financial transactions.

Carefully consider the following factors when choosing a payroll outsourcing provider: their experience and track record in the industry, the technology and security measures they use, their customer service reputation, their pricing and service packages, and how closely they align with your company's specific needs. 

Cloud-based payroll software offers advantages such as accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, automatic updates, and scalability. It eliminates the need for on-premises servers and allows for easy collaboration among team members, making payroll management more flexible and efficient.