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The HONO Hire to Retain Solution begins even before you hire anyone and goes well beyond their tenure at your organization.

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HONO - Enable - Hire to Retain Solution

The Fantastic Four

We build solutions that help Employees to balance their work-life, Team Managers to optimize business outcomes, HR to simplify the entire Workforce Life Cycle and Organizations to drive positive change

Talent Acquisition

HONO’s Smart Hiring helps predict a set of candidates most suited to the organization.

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Employee Empowerment

Setup payroll, overtimes, compensations, leave trackers, expenses & more all at one place.

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Employee Growth

Provide formative feedbacks and generate average scorecards to reflect and revitalize performance.

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Separation Management

Workflow based separation, clearance process and experience letter generation post completion.

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Talent Acquisition

Hire the Right Person at the Right Time within the Right Cost, using our integrated platform.

Recruit with Confidence

Hire the best talent to powerup your organization. Identify & screen, external & internal candidates, with the perfect skill profile with HONO’s vast skills library.

Onboard with Ease

Create a memorable “first” experience through seamless Digital Onboarding for fresh hires – anywhere, anytime. Set your workforce up for success right from day zero.

Confirm with a Click

Enables digitised Confirmation / Extension / Disengagement process, at the end of probation, with automated reminders

HONO- Enable - Talent Acquisition - AI-driven Hiring
HONO- Enable - Talent Acquisition - Easy onboarding
HONO- Enable - Talent Acquisition - New Employee Confirmation
HONO- Enable - Employee Empowerment - Leave & Attendance
HONO-Enable - Employee Empowerment - Shift & Roaster Management
HONO- Enable - Employee Empowerment - Payroll & Compensation Management
HONO- Enable - Employee Empowerment - Overtime & Compliance Management
HONO- Enable - Employee Empowerment - Travel, Reimbursement & Compliance

Employee Empowerment

Set up payrolls, overtimes, compensation, leaves, attendances, travel expenses and much more all at one place

Leave & Attendance

Enable your workforce to clock in & out without missing a beat with Geo-Fencing & Facial Recognition to build a Future-ready workforce.

Shift & Rostering

Configure specific statutory compliant shifts for different work groups & exercise the ability to dynamically tune rosters basis workflow-based approvals.

Payroll & Compensation

Accurate & On-time - Everytime. Easily execute standard and complex multi geography payrolls every month, to ensure accurate and on-time payroll processing.


Automated workflows for requisitions and approvals and generating reports for statutory compliance as well as internal controls

Travel & Compliance

A central, integrated system that allows for effortless budget monitoring, cost control, capturing expenses on the go and ensuring timely and accurate reimbursements.

Employee Growth

Facilitate development & growth of employees through objective performance evaluations, development discussions and clear career paths.

Performance Management

Enables goal setting - KPI & KRA, cascading goals, continuous review of goals, bell curve ratings & dashboards.

Continuous Feedback

Create a culture of continuous review and feedback to ensure employees are on track and immediate corrective steps can be taken.

360 Feedback

Setup automated 360 feedback surveys with ease and generate multirater feedback – self, manager, direct reports & other stakeholders – within the platform.

Learning Management

Weave Learning into your Org. Culture. Deliver Tailored Learning to enhance skills & competencies in line with the Performance & Development needs.

HONO- Enable - Employee Growth - Performance Reviews, Feedback & Reports
HONO- Enable - Employee Empowerment - Ongoing Performance Reviews & Correction
HONO-Employee Growth-learning management
HONO- Enable - Employee Growth - Employee Skill upgrade & Learning Modules
HONO- Enable - Employee Separation - Exit Review
HONO- Enable - Employee Separation - E-clearances
HONO- Enable - Employee Separation - Alumni Network

Employee Separation Management

Workflow based separation process, final clearance process and automatic generation of documents

Exit Interviews

Share documented feedback from exit interviews with relevant stakeholders and monitor actions from the feedback.

E- Clearances

Digitized final clearance process, with emphasis on use for remote locations, to ensure smooth, seamless handover of all assets (hardware, account logins, access cards, documents…)

After Separation

Make sure your goodbyes are as great as your hellos. Turn your alumni into strong brand ambassadors

Why the industry prefers our product

Our Foundation suite has several advantages over it’s counterparts and that is why it is the number one choice of industry giants.

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Advanced technology

We leverage Next gen future technology to amp up your productivity & happiness


Our agile Teams & Processes are aligned to provide Bespoke Solutions crafted to fit your specific needs

User Friendly

With a employee forward intuitive approach at the heart of our solution design, HONO ENABLE is a favorite of employees globally.

One size fits one Approach

We believe every organization is unique & provide customized solution to meet your distinct needs

Well Organised

A million lines of codes meticulously handled by a process-driven workforce to help transform your workplace

Here is what our clients have to say about us !

At Spencer’s Retail, it was absolutely critical to have on board the Right HRMS partner in both our digital and employee experience journey.After due diligence we selected HONO as our partner of choice because of their integrated product offering , end-to end modules customised to Spencer’s unified solution requirements, which would empower and engage our workforce. It was important also to build effective interface with relevant other applications to enable seamless operations and robust HR analytics to support and partner with Business stakeholders. Congratulations to HONO as well as my Core HR team in timely implementation of the project ! They were committed to our mission of driving an excellent employee experience as much as we were….hope we continue to get excellent support as usual .

Sutanu Chowdhury - CHRO, Spencer’s Retail.

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Here is what our clients have to say about us !

With a Start-up energy, we wanted to focus on our HR processes to ensure greater transparency and higher productivity. Forming a culture of digital-first, we have always been enthusiastic about ensuring the optimization of processes to save time & employee bandwidth. Partnering with HONO helped us reduce the time consumed by manual processes and focus on business growth. We were ready to GO-Live a month in advance. It feels good to operate with a team that is so self-reliant and motivated.


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