HONO ENGAGEMENT PULSE Feel the Pulse of your Organization in real-time

Discover & Drive outstanding employee experience and engagement through a suite of intelligent tools, built using complex data science algorithms, with a view to make your lives simple.

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HONO- Engage - Employee sentiment, performance, engagement pulse - AI driven

Simple and powerful tool built for providing continuous feedback

Collaborate & Harmonize

Take employee initiatives with effective team communication, recommendations to improve engagement.

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Nurture & engage

Check metrics and analytics using simple dashboard elements with regular cadence and take necessary reforms.

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Motivate & Retain

Keep measuring engagement with continuous feedback & surveys in real time & fine tune your action plan.

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With Constant Pulse Checks, Surveys And Psychometric Analysis, gain precise Knowledge about your employees and equip leaders to act quickly

Time-of-day Sentiment Analysis

Track the mood of your organization at every tick through sentiment checks from the HONO Chatbot for web & mobile

Four-Dimensional Pulse Check

Know all-there-is-to-know about your workforce through lifecycle transactions, events, adhoc & periodical pulse checks.

HONO Moments Of Truth Index

Covers the 9 Critical moments of truth throughout the employee journey, providing evidence based, actionable insights to enable a purpose led culture for your organization.

HONO- Engage - Anytime Sentiment analysis - Workforce mood check
HONO- Engage - 4 Axes of Pulse Check - Transaction, Lifecycle, Adhoc & Engagement Surveys
HONO- Engage - Employee Lifecycle through 9 Moment of Truths
HONO- Engage - HONO Social - Closed Garden Social Platform For Employees & Alumni
HONO- Engage - HONO Social - Closed Garden Office Chat & Virtual Connect
HONO- Engage - HONO Social - Work Groups, Forums, Real-time Connect
HONO- Engage - HONO Social - Employee Connect across geographies


Instill the Brand culture within your workforce. Social is designed to empower employees, connect them to your company culture and maximize employee experience.

Digitise your workforce

Exchange documents, pictures, videos, notes and ideas in realtime for effective workforce collaboration

Strike digital conversations

Don't wait for closed doors to open through email replies, ping anyone across the organization and strike up a conversation in a jiffy.

Connect in real time

With secure, hassle-free and tailored on demand groups, interact with your teams at work, share updates and cultivate a sense of belonging with the organsation.

Work from anywhere

Remote workforce brought closer through a unified platform to connect, engage and tranform.

HONO ENGAGE : Motivate & Retain

Harness the power of peer-to-peer recognition by sharing encouragement and appreciation in real time on a transparent internal network to motivate and retain employees for life

Rewards & Recognition

Develop Brand stickiness. Empower your employees to grow, develop, and succeed

Gamified Recognition & Leaderboards

Use point-based Leader boards to gain insights into hidden talent across the organization. Give and receive points for a fun way to drive productivity

Performance Linked Rewards

Never miss an opportunity to acknowledge a good work ethic or outstanding displays of skills to drive a culture of high performance .

Budget Management

Allocate & manage monthly, quarterly or annual budgets for rewards and recognition. Take control of your finances while also boosting employee morale.

Talent Retention

Increase job satisfaction and retain high performing talent through timely recognition and a proper rewards system.

HONO- Engage - Employee Talent Nurturing - Reward and Recognition
HONO- Engage - Employee Performance Leaderboard, Gamification
HONO- Engage - Employee & Team performance linked rewards
HONO- Engage - Employee Reward & Recognition Budget Management
HONO- Engage - Employee Retention - Recognising Talent & Rewarding

HONO is transforming workplaces, globally!

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Here is what our clients have to say about us !

At Spencer’s Retail, it was absolutely critical to have on board the Right HRMS partner in both our digital and employee experience journey.After due diligence we selected HONO as our partner of choice because of their integrated product offering , end-to end modules customised to Spencer’s unified solution requirements, which would empower and engage our workforce. It was important also to build effective interface with relevant other applications to enable seamless operations and robust HR analytics to support and partner with Business stakeholders. Congratulations to HONO as well as my Core HR team in timely implementation of the project ! They were committed to our mission of driving an excellent employee experience as much as we were….hope we continue to get excellent support as usual .

Sutanu Chowdhury - CHRO, Spencer’s Retail.

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Here is what our clients have to say about us !

With a Start-up energy, we wanted to focus on our HR processes to ensure greater transparency and higher productivity. Forming a culture of digital-first, we have always been enthusiastic about ensuring the optimization of processes to save time & employee bandwidth. Partnering with HONO helped us reduce the time consumed by manual processes and focus on business growth. We were ready to GO-Live a month in advance. It feels good to operate with a team that is so self-reliant and motivated.


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