Fuelled by empathy, Driven by technology

HONO aims to nurture Human Relationships, Propel employees’ pursuit of realizing their true potential and embrace the best of talent through a host of innovative technologies.


HONO because We Know

We know the ins & outs, the ifs & buts, the he-said & she-saids of the workplace. We know from our years of experience & expertise in developing & delivering Effective HR Solutions & Services in the Hire2Retain Space, that data & dreams drive superior business outcomes.

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Where do we want to be?

To create a future where every company has the tools to unlock the full potential of its people.

Why we exist?

We aim to bridge the gap between HR and business outcomes. Because HR plays a critical role in shaping and maintaining a culture aligned with the business’s higher-level purpose.

What’s in the name ?

According to the Māori, Heaven (Rangi) and Earth (Papa) are themselves the source and all in between is Connected or 'HONO' as they say in Maori.

We at HONO are committed to connect people across cultures, traditions, ideas, beliefs and boundaries. Connecting across multi-channels, platforms and systems. Connecting the traditional systems with leading edge technology. Any structure or system, if it needs to grow, needs to be built on a strong network and work with the best resources & worked upon by the best resources. An organisation can only grow through a healthy network of Happy People working together towards a common goal.

Since 2010 we’ve been working with some amazing organisations to create meaningful impact that deliver results.