Integrating Generative AI Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Generative AI Driven HR

Transform your HR operations with our integrated Gen AI solutions, empower your team to excel through next-gen HR tech that automates tasks, offers predictive insights, and ensures a seamless HR experience.


Next-Gen Recruitment: Matching Talent with Precision

Our AI-driven recruitment suite revolutionizes talent acquisition with tools like Resume GPT for efficient resume screening and a dynamic JD Creator. The platform supports various file formats for resumes, seamless integration, multilingual capabilities, and leverages a deep learning model enhanced with GPT for real-time, unbiased resume matching. Configurable options customize the recruitment experience, while Recruit GPT boosts assessment accuracy with skill-based questions and role-specific job descriptions, supported by interview video transcription technology.

JD Creation in <10 Seconds

95% Accuracy in CV Parsing

Enhanced UX for All

Customizable Features

Skill-Based Questions

Local GPT Models on HONO Servers

Effortless Integration

Global Multilingual Support

Supercharge Your HR with HONO's Next-Gen Chatbot, Powered by GPT 

Automate routine HR tasks, provide personalized employee experiences, and gain actionable insights with our AI-driven chatbot solution. 

Streamline HR, Delight Employees

Instant answers, 24/7 support, and effortless task completion boost employee satisfaction and free up HR team’s bandwidth.

Go Global with Multilingual Support in 100+ Languages

Connect with your entire workforce, regardless of language. Our chatbot supports over 100+ languages for seamless communication.

Effortless Customization and Integration

HONO's Next Gen Chatbot isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, leverage tailored functionality and a seamless user experience.

Forget the Menu, the Bot Remembers It For You.

Team Status? Check. Birthday Wishes? Done.

Embracing Generative AI: The Time is Now.


Seamless Onboarding Journeys Tailored by AI

Introducing an AI-driven onboarding experience designed to offer a seamless and supportive introduction to your organization. Onboard GPT personalizes onboarding materials and directs new employees through the paperwork process, ensuring a hassle-free start. Helpdesk GPT stands by to resolve queries in real-time, while Policy GPT offers an interactive chat with policy documents, tailoring responses to specific grades or bands and providing targeted onboarding support. Make the first days impactful with our comprehensive onboarding solutions.

Instant Helpdesk Support

Direct Policy Chat

Position-Based Replies

Guided Onboarding Process

Policy Clarity from Day One

Contextual New Hire Support

Who Am I in the Company? Ask the Bot.

Performance Management System

Navigating Success with AI-Driven Performance Metrics

Maximize the potential of your workforce with our advanced, AI-driven performance management system, PMS GPT. By focusing on role-specific KPIs, we enable precise goal setting and assessment, ensuring that every employee understands their contributions towards organizational success. Performance plans and personalized reviews guide individual development, while our Continuous Feedback & Review mechanism fosters an environment of constant learning and acknowledgment. Transform your performance management approach with our innovative solution, designed to meet the needs of modern, dynamic workforces. 

Custom KPIs for Each Role

Tailored Performance Feedback

Ongoing Feedback Culture

Your Feedback Fuels the Future.

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“HONO has revolutionized the HR Tech landscape at India's largest media house.”

Feeling Stressed? Let's Lighten the Mood. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generative AI (Gen AI) in Human Resources (HR) involves using advanced artificial intelligence models (like large language models) for tasks like generating text, translating languages, creating different content formats, and providing informative answers to questions. This technology streamlines HR processes, making them more efficient and personalized.

Gen AI has diverse applications in HR. For recruitment, it can write engaging job descriptions, screen resumes, and tailor communication for candidates. Gen AI creates customized onboarding materials like training modules, company policies, and handbooks. For employee development, it provides personalized learning paths and helps draft performance reviews. Gen AI also analyzes survey sentiment and suggests team-building activities to enhance employee engagement.

Gen AI helps HR professionals tackle numerous challenges. It automates repetitive tasks, allowing HR teams to focus on strategic work rather than administrative duties. It provides personalized experiences for employees and candidates, improving their interaction with the company. Additionally, Gen AI analyzes large amounts of HR data to reveal trends and patterns, aiding in better decision-making. Further, it can help limit unconscious bias in recruitment processes like resume screening and job description writing.

Gen AI acts as a powerful HR assistant. It automates tasks like summarizing meeting notes, scheduling interviews, and even generating candidate questions for recruiters. Gen AI aids in analyzing employee survey results or engagement metrics. Additionally, it supports the development of microlearning modules or interactive training scenarios, streamlining employee training processes.

There are compelling reasons to consider Gen AI for HR. It reduces time and resources spent on administrative tasks, leading to cost savings. Gen AI personalizes communication and support, enhancing candidate and employee experiences. HR teams access deeper insights from data analysis powered by Gen AI, improving decision-making. Lastly, it gives HR departments a technological edge, keeping them competitive in the evolving workplace.