HONO PREDICTIVE INSIGHTS Get actionable insights for overall employee wellbeing

Future-proof your workforce and organizational growth trajectory by tapping into the potential of HONO’s Meta Library of organization context, to get a clear line of sight into transformational opportunities .

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HONO- Transform - Critical Workforce Intelligence - Future proofing & Opportunities

The 3 Actionable Measures

HONO Predictive Insights automates skills matching for candidates and employees to drive talent acquisition, career planning,

Analyse & Predict

Attracting and retaining high-quality employees, developing their skills, and continuously motivating them to improve their performance

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Understand & Act

Produces insights to create a better understanding of the strengths of employees, their weaknesses and how these can be improved.

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Transform & Succeed

Attract the right people to your organisation, getting candidates to fully engage and connect with your company's values and goals

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HONO- Transform - Payroll Analytics, Compensation trends, Compliance, Forecasting
HONO - Transform - Leave Attendance Analytics - Workforce Analyses
HONO - Transform - AI-driven Workforce Management, Actionable Intelligence
HONO - Transform - Employee Pre-Post-Separation & Separation Analysis

Workforce Analytics

Tap into the minds of your workforce in real time and take actionable insights with the help of HONO's Suite of Data-powered solutions

Payroll Analytics

Get a blueprint of the payroll spending patterns, compensation trends and benchmarking, compliance, staff forecasting and hiring strategies

Leave & Attendance Analytics

Be informed at every tick on the absenteesim at your workplace, and the available replacements with matching skills and competency to ensure uninterrupted workflow

Workforce Management

Maximize your worforce performance and competency through rich data points that pinpoints and predicts the areas of improvement and strategeis to bolster effeciency and effectiveness

Separation Analytics

Forge lasting relationships with your workforce and redefine hire-to-retire to ensure lifelong learning

Predictive Analysis

Predict and accordingly Plan the Strategies to Recruit, Onboard, Retain and Grow your workforce

AI Driven Smart Hiring

HONO’s early warning system predicts employees at risk of leaving and provides necessary reforms

Succession & Career Planning

Uninterrupted worklife continuity made seamless with succession planning through a nano-level analysis of the performance, organization citizenship and leadership traits

Ongoing Employee Onboarding

Understand the pulse of your employees through HONO's Moments of Truth Framework

Employee Flight Risk

Pin point the employee with a high fligh risk and explore from a host of strategies to retain and sustain

HONO- Transform - AI-driven Employee Flight Risk Prediction & Hiring Nudges
HONO- Transform - Succession & Career planning - Leadership Planning
HONO- Transform - Ongoing Employee Onboarding & Support System
HONO- Transform - Attrition Management & Employee fight risk Alerts

NLP, AI & Prescriptive Actions

Collect - Analyze - Act on unstructured data and get conversational feedback through HONO's AI powered Prescriptive Actions Library

Early Warning System

HONO’s early warning system predicts employees at risk of leaving and provides necessary reforms

Internal Skill Based Mobility

Identify the skill gaps in your workforce, and recommend cross-functional skilling and mobility to increase career happiness and therby retention

Sentiment Analytics

Track the mood of your organization at every tick, through sentiment checks from HONO chatbot for Desktop, Web & Mobile

HONO- Transform - HR Early warning system - High-risk Employees & Teams
HONO- Transform - Retention Value Chain - Internal skill-based mobility
HONO- Transform - AI-generated Sentiment Analysis, Anytime, Anywhere

HONO is transforming workplaces, globally!

100% Adoption within weeks of Implementation

500K +

Happy Employees Serviced

300 +

Clients in 14+ Countries

2000 +

Projects Completed

HONO is transforming workplaces, globally!

Here is what our clients have to say about us !

At Spencer’s Retail, it was absolutely critical to have on board the Right HRMS partner in both our digital and employee experience journey.After due diligence we selected HONO as our partner of choice because of their integrated product offering , end-to end modules customised to Spencer’s unified solution requirements, which would empower and engage our workforce. It was important also to build effective interface with relevant other applications to enable seamless operations and robust HR analytics to support and partner with Business stakeholders. Congratulations to HONO as well as my Core HR team in timely implementation of the project ! They were committed to our mission of driving an excellent employee experience as much as we were….hope we continue to get excellent support as usual .

Sutanu Chowdhury - CHRO, Spencer’s Retail.

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Here is what our clients have to say about us !

With a Start-up energy, we wanted to focus on our HR processes to ensure greater transparency and higher productivity. Forming a culture of digital-first, we have always been enthusiastic about ensuring the optimization of processes to save time & employee bandwidth. Partnering with HONO helped us reduce the time consumed by manual processes and focus on business growth. We were ready to GO-Live a month in advance. It feels good to operate with a team that is so self-reliant and motivated.


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