A Connected Ecosystem for a Diverse Workforce 

Employee Engagement

Recognizing the diverse needs of the modern workforce, HONO offers a versatile platform that caters to both in-office and remote employees. Our mobile and chatbot functionalities ensure that staying connected is easy and efficient, promoting a sense of belonging and community regardless of physical location. HONO fosters a culture of open communication and collaboration. This transparency unlocks valuable employee insights, leading to data-driven actions and collective success. HONO also champions diversity and innovation, creating a thriving and engaged workforce.

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Empowered Managers, Engaged Teams 

Business Leaders 

Maximize your people investment: HONO is your all-in-one solution for visibility, efficiency, and a compelling ROI on employee experience. 

Human Resources 

Elevate employee engagement: HONO streamlines your initiatives, delivering deeper insights and driving measurable impact.  

People Leaders 

Lead with confidence: HONO empowers you with data-driven insights led action, intuitive tools, and the power to inspire your team.  


Find your voice, feel valued: HONO amplifies connection, celebrates contributions, and aligns your work with the company's greater purpose.  

The numbers don't lie:
Engaged employees boost your bottom line

Companies with a highly engaged workforce have 21% higher profitability. 

of companies leverage technology to track employee progress and engagement.  


of employees feel most encouraged by personal recognition.  


of highly engaged employees were recognized for going above and beyond. 

What sets HONO apart? 

Holistic Engagement Across the Employee Lifecycle

From onboarding to exit interviews, HONO provides the tools you need to understand and optimize employee experiences at every stage. 

Actionable Insights, Not Just Data

HONO's AI-powered analytics translate feedback into clear action paths, empowering you to make impactful changes.

Engagement Wherever Your People Are

Our intuitive mobile app and chatbot capabilities ensure seamless feedback, recognition, and connection in office, remote, or hybrid environments.

Continuous Listening for Continuous Improvement

HONO's pulse surveys and real-time feedback channels create an always-on dialogue, ensuring you never miss a critical signal. 

HONO Engagement Pulse

Feel Your Organization's Pulse in Real Time

HONO offers a suite of tools designed to capture, analyze, and respond to employee feedback with unparalleled accuracy. Through HONO, you can delve into the core of your workforce's engagement and loyalty, pinpoint high-performance groups, and identify at-risk groups, all while leveraging detailed analytics to craft actionable strategies.

Time-of-day Sentiment Analysis:

Understand how mood shifts throughout the workday.

Four-Dimensional Pulse Check:

Get a multi-faceted view of employee sentiment.  

HONO Moments Of Truth Index:

Measure satisfaction at critical points in the employee journey.

Robust Survey Library:

Access hundreds of validated questions and templates tailored to modern workforce needs.

Seamless Integration:

HONO's modular platform integrates effortlessly with existing systems, ensuring a smooth experience across web and app interfaces. 

Continuous Listening

Discover the difference of a truly engaged and understood workforce. With HONO, you’re not just adopting a platform; you’re embracing a strategy for future-proofing your employee experience. It isn’t just about collecting data; it’s about understanding the heartbeat of your organization at every touchpoint. Join us on the journey to creating workplaces where every employee feels heard, valued, and empowered to excel.

HONO Is Your All-in-One Solution for HR, Managers and Employees

Rewards and Recognition

Customize, Launch, and Celebrate with HONO

Embark on a journey of fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment within your organization with HONO. Tailor your recognition programs to mirror the unique essence of your company, ensuring every milestone and achievement is celebrated in a manner that resonates deeply with your team.

Launch Fast and Configure Smart:

Rapidly deploy customizable recognition programs that align with your organizational ethos.

Admin & Manager Insights:

Empower admins to oversee rewards programs at an organizational level and enable managers to witness the success of specific programs.

Financial Control:

Master your budgets with features like automated and prorated budget allocation, ensuring your recognition programs are both impactful and financially sustainable.

Digital Celebrations:

Replace traditional bulletin boards with digital wish boards for birthdays, life events, holidays, and service awards, amplifying the joy of celebration.

HONO Social

Your Team's Collaboration Superpower

Streamline communication, ignite innovation, and build the company culture your employees crave. HONO Social is your all-in-one internal engagement platform.

Streamlined Communication:

Unify your team with targeted groups, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed with can't-miss messaging

Niche Social Networking:

Foster a vibrant internal community where employees can share, connect, and grow together.

Instant Messaging & Collaboration:

Connect instantly with colleagues through messaging and collaborative groups, making teamwork more dynamic and accessible.

Gamified Engagement:

Boost participation and recognize top contributors with scores, badges, and endorsements.

Purpose-Built Communities:

Create tailored spaces for projects, special interest groups, and company-wide communication, keeping discussions focused and driving efficiency.

Robust Admin Control:

Seamlessly manage content, users, and groups with intuitive admin controls, tailoring the experience to your organization's unique needs

Business Process Integration:

Seamlessly connect HONO Social with your existing systems for timesheets, data management, and more. 

It's Not Just Software,
It's Your Competitive Edge 

Attract, retain, and develop your best employees with a culture they love. 

Boost Productivity:

Break down barriers and unleash your teams' potential.

Spark Innovation:

Harness the collective brainpower of your entire workforce.

Nurture Talent:

Attract, retain, and develop your best employees with a culture they love. 

Let's transform your workplace together.

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Get up and running fast with expert setup guidance, comprehensive training, and dedicated support.

HONO: More Than Just Features

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One Platform for Total Engagement

Eliminate the need for multiple tools with a unified platform that scales with your needs.

People Analytics That Drive Results

Uncover the hidden connections between employee experience and your key business metrics.

Easy Adoption for Maximum Impact

Delight users with a modern, intuitive interface that makes participation effortless and rewarding.

Empower your team to boost engagement without disrupting their flow. HONO integrates seamlessly with the tools your employees rely on, streamlining recognition, feedback, and collaboration. 

Microsoft Teams: Keep engagement top-of-mind where conversations happen. Recognize achievements, share feedback, and boost team spirit directly within Teams. 

...And More! We understand your tech stack is unique. That's why we're constantly expanding our integrations to align with your needs. 


Security Features for Unmatched Control, Visibility, and Flexibility

HONO Social employs enterprise-grade security, letting you build connections without compromising your company's sensitive information.

Authorized Access Only:

Fine-tune access using single sign-on, domain claiming, and enterprise mobility management tools to ensure only the right people and devices connect to your HONO workspace.

Encryption at Every Step:

Your company's information on HONO is protected with robust encryption at rest and in transit.

Tailored to Your Needs:

HONO offers flexible governance and risk-management options designed to adapt to your organization's specific requirements.

Compliance Made Easy:

Implement global retention policies, legal holds, and e-discovery support with intuitive tools that streamline your compliance processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Engagement software is a powerful tool designed to enhance the connection between employees and their organizations. It is a comprehensive platform that enables companies to measure, analyze, and improve their employees' overall engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. This software offers various features, including surveys, feedback mechanisms, and performance analytics, which help employers gain valuable insights into their workforce's sentiments and needs. By regularly collecting and analyzing data, companies can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to boost employee morale and commitment.

Employee engagement software can significantly boost workplace morale by creating a positive work environment. It achieves this by providing employees with opportunities to voice their opinions, offer feedback, and feel heard. When employees see that their feedback is valued and leads to positive changes, it enhances their morale. Recognition and rewards programs within these software solutions also contribute to higher morale. When employees are recognized and rewarded for their hard work and achievements, they feel appreciated and motivated to perform even better. Additionally, engagement software often facilitates communication and team collaboration, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which further elevates morale.

Yes, employee engagement software is typically customizable for various industries. These software solutions often offer flexibility to adapt to the unique needs and requirements of different businesses. They can be configured to align with specific industry practices, workflows, and goals. Customization may involve tailoring performance metrics, feedback categories, and recognition criteria to suit the particular industry. This adaptability ensures that the software effectively addresses the challenges and objectives specific to each business sector.

Data privacy is a fundamental concern in employee engagement software. Most reputable software providers prioritize data security and compliance with privacy regulations. They implement robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. Moreover, they often comply with data protection laws such as GDPR or HIPAA, depending on the region and industry. Employee engagement software is designed to ensure that sensitive employee data is safeguarded, and privacy is maintained.

Yes, employee engagement software can address the challenges associated with remote work. These tools provide a platform for continuous communication, feedback, and recognition, which is crucial for remote employees who may feel isolated. They enable remote workers to stay connected with their colleagues, managers, and the company's culture. Employee engagement software can also monitor remote employees' performance, providing insights into their well-being and productivity. By fostering a sense of belonging, recognizing remote employees' efforts, and facilitating open communication, these software solutions help combat the challenges of remote work and ensure that employees remain engaged and motivated, regardless of their location.