HONO’S HR-Tech Solution For NBC Bearings Wins SHRM’S HR-Tech Award

In the wake of NBC Bearings’ big win - the SHRM Award For Driving Excellence In Leveraging HR Technology, here’s how HONO powers NBC Bearings’ spectacular HR Transformation.


This is a high-point for our HR transformation endeavour: one of our favourite partners - National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NBC Bearings) has recently bagged the prestigious SHRM Award For Driving Excellence In Leveraging HR Technology at the SHRM India Annual Conference & Expo 2022.

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The award to us is a validation of the HONO AI-backed bespoke solutions, which has powered and facilitated the future-reading transformation of NBC’s workspace and people-processes.


NBC’s win is no flash in the pan; behind it stand: the conviction of a brand that is known to be one of the finest places to work for - they’ve been winning the Great Place To Work For Award for 5 years consecutively, and Sandeep Gautam, a CHRO who stood steadfast in his belief that the right technology as a transformation agent not just for HR, but the business as a whole. 


The win is a testimony to a brand that had the foresight to pre-empt the changes and the challenges we face today, and to have had the agility and leadership to be one of the first to take the leap of faith on change, not piecemeal, but comprehensive. It is also a nod to the HONO product, tailor-made for NBC (one-size-fits-one is a cornerstone of our philosophy), which underlies the new-age workspace NBC has put in place.  


The NBC Bearings HR Transformation Case-Study


The NBC Bearings HR Transformation case-study is a narrative of a classic partnership between technology (HONO’s HR-Tech) and forward-looking business practices. What it yielded is the complete enhancement of HR processes, with real-time data available on a single-source-of-truth platform, over the most intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, a high level of compliance control, and automation, which significantly frees precious HR man-hours for business-critical functions.

HONO-NBC HR Transformation Case Study

HONO ARASMAS (Auto-Rostering & Shift-Management System Backed By AI)

The HONO ARASMAS (Auto-rostering & Shift-management System Backed by AI) is an example of such tailor-made deployment -  a HONO developed comprehensive signature Productivity Management Platform powered by artificial intelligence, which offers a range of solutions – from Auto-Rostering and Auto-Shift Management to the Employee Absence Predictor and Auto-Replacement, to the touch-less Employee Access Control.

HONO ARASMUS, Auto-rostering, shift-management system


This state-of-the-art solution addressed NBC’s challenge of Productivity Loss due to Absenteeism, a problem it shared with a number of Manufacturing sector giants.


NBC had multiple legacy HR systems in place, which were struggling to cope with the dynamic needs of the times.


There was a need for a profound, intelligent HRIS that could manage organisational processes and enable employees with self-service tools, improving engagement and productivity at NBC. A people solution for them had to be state-of-the-art, as their reputation for best practices in HR and people management precedes them.


NBC wanted to implement an agile, easy to configure, customisable and integrated system to enrich employee experience and to empower the workforce.


NBC was asking questions, which companies from the manufacturing sector, or from any industry vertical defined by labour-intensive work-lines should be asking if they’re facing the pressures of managing absenteeism, efficient rostering at scale, changing workflows, delayed and fragmented personnel data:


  • Can we get to know in advance when personnel won’t be present?
  • Can we act on this information at scale?
  • Can we save on time and inaccuracies of manually managed rostering? Can it be fully automated?
  • Is there a way of auto-replacing & auto-rostering?
  • Can these be bound by flexible yet pre-set workflows?


“We didn’t just want an HRMS that is executed for us also - we wanted something that was customized for us, and HONO made the effort of collaborating, studying our problem, and customizing their solution for us.” - Sandeep Gautam, CHRO, NBC Bearings


And NBC faced Pain-points & Challenges!

A great deal of NBC’s challenges was reflective of the challenges faced by large companies struggling with legacy systems post covid.


A centralised, integrated and highly configurable system was the need of the hour. There was a pressing need to efficiently execute HR processes and to enable HR in a way that allowed it to support business functions.


Here are some of the key challenges the HONO solution needed to resolve:

  • Architectural rigidity in legacy system
  • Absence of an intuitive mobile-first, employee-friendly interface
  • Lack of an integrated and customised solution to meet workforce needs
  • Choked-up bandwidth of HR team, leaving less time for strategic initiatives
  • Delayed and unconsolidated data, resulting in delayed response


HONO’s Consulting Approach for HR Solutioning

HONO’s consulting approach led to a customised solution to meet the unique needs at NBC. A highly configurable solution helped NBC to transition from legacy systems and enhance employee experience with customised solutions, without compromising on the scale and speed of execution.


After a thorough study and analyses of NBC’s workforce, HONO designed a fuss-free, cost-effective and integrated solution to deliver accuracy and transparency at all levels in the organisation. The collaboration included white-boarding, ground studies and problem-solving at a granular process level. The aim was quick migration into a single platform and support of a high level of automation, which could free HR bandwidth and could deliver on better productivity by increasing efficiencies.


Highlights of HONO solution for NBC, which also forms a roadmap for resolving their complex struggles and helping them emerge out with sustainable, streamlined processes:


HR-Tech Solution For Employee Core

Seamless integration of all employee data at one place for easy accessibility. Simplified actions to access and manage employee data for employee mobility, transfers, promotions and making changes to pay and grade.


HR-Tech Solution For Recruitment

Enabled efficient & on-time hiring. System integration with Manpower planning and career portals to reduce manual intervention and generate desired results. Automated applicant tracking system to shortlist ideal candidates for seamless recruitment.


HR-Tech Solution For Onboarding

An automated 100% paperless onboarding portal to set up employees for success from the very first day of their tenure.


HR-Tech Solution For Leave & Attendance

Manual interventions were removed, and communication improved with real-time visibility of accurate data. This data was integrated with payroll and HRIS to ensure seamless flow of data towards payroll management.


HR-Tech Solution For Separation Management

A multilevel automated clearance and configured exit process was set up. This allowed online tracking of the complete separation cycle and facilitated easy exit settlement. This also supports digital generation of separation documents, Exit interviews, Experience letters and F&F.


The impact of HONO’s customized platform (ARASMAS) execution was significant for NBC Bearings. It:

  • Minimized productivity loss (due to production line gaps)
  • Took away time-effort on roster management
  • Allowed for sharper strategic & tactical manpower planning with AI Reduced Manpower costs
  • Created a ready database of mapped skills, work-lines & personnel Created a single-source-of-truth


The impact of HONO’s platform overall was even more impressive:

  • 100%Mobile Adoption within weeks of going LIVE
  • Real-time Data & Reporting with Rich Analytics
  • Flexibility of Custom Workflows
  • 100% Employee & Manager Self-Service
  • 100% Real-time Attendance Reporting
  • Increased HR Team’s Bandwidth


It is thus with some pride that we root for NBC, who have not only been winning the Great Place To Work For Award for 5 years consecutively, but also has won the coveted SHRM Award for Driving Excellence in HR Technology – and our endeavour remains that the HONO solution, which beats at the heart of NBC’s future-ready HR practices always carries an edge.

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO