Bengaluru: Mass Resignations On Being Asked To Work From Office

A midsize company based in Bangaluru faced mass resignations when their WFH was rescinded.

Mass resignations have happened before but not for being asked to work from office!

Work from Home (WFH) versus Work from Office (WFO) is a huge point of contention now that employees globally and even in India have tasted the proverbial ‘blood’. Business leaders are pretty evenly split on whether the new WFH method works for them or not, with leaders like Elon Musk (despite being a young icon – though not woke) batting for the  traditional WFO.

A story on reports of a Bengaluru employee who shared on reddit a rather rude shakeup at his workplace, where more than 15% of the company employees resigned on being asked to work from office.

The company is a mid-size company and among the people who resigned in sizeable number are from the mid to senior level with 40-60 Lakh per annum salaries.

So, the event is not something any company would take lightly. Evidently, a late attempt to reverse the decision by the HR went in vain.

As one is soon realizing, flexibility and ability to reshape in the face of change is turning out to be a critical factor for success in the new world of business.

Such a mishap could have easily been avoided if an HR standard operating procedure was in place, which required policy shifts or changes to be run through a sentiment feedback survey. Often simple pre-emptive solutions are not brought into play due to a top-down approach and due to a lack of the right tools.

As far as the merit of WFH vs WFO is concerned – it’s a tough decision for traditional companies and a normal transition for new-age businesses. We believe that where an employee works, doesn’t impact directly on his/her ability to deliver work unless the work is of the nature that requires office presence. But what it impacts most is in forming a cultural connect with teams and forming a close brand-connect with the employer. And since it is clear that a hybrid form of workplace is here to stay (besides WFH & WFO), a virtual collaborative work platform as a part of the HR platform are sure to go a long way.  

Read the full story on in the article “Bengaluru Employee Shares How 15% Of Company Resigned As Boss Told Them To Work From Office”

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