HONO Trail-blazes At SHRMTech22

HONO thought leaders, Future-shaping conversations with guests, HR Transformation Case Studies book launch, and more - all the HONO buzz that made the SHRMTech22 memorable.   

The SHRMTech22 in Hyderabad was easily the most awaited HR-tech event of the year so far, and we at HONO were keen to engage in the future-shaping conversations of the Global gathering of HR and HR-tech’s best minds. 

The new age of business has already signaled its arrival marked by a new paradigm of the employee-employer equation, by pressure on almost all workspaces to be more flexible, by reconfigured ideas of success that are no more satisfied by just better amounts of money and designations, and by the need for businesses to go beyond stop-start HR systems and begin looking to analyse, predict and manage continuously, using cutting-edge HR innovations. It is in this context that the SHRMTech22 gave the overarching theme under which the best innovators and HR leaders converged - ‘Ready To Take The Battle Of Ever-Changing WORKTECH HEAD-ON?’


HONO Thought Leaders

Mukul Jain, CEO of HONO, delivering the keynote address on ‘How can HR Lead the next big Business Transformations?’

Mukul Jain, CEO of HONO, delivering the keynote address on ‘How can HR Lead the next big Business Transformations?’

HONO thought leaders were ubiquitous in the SHRMTech22 sessions, not just as speakers and disruptors but also as deft moderators of exciting panel discussions, nudging conversations in the direction of difficult questions and technological innovations.

Mukul Jain, CEO of HONO, spoke on ‘How can HR Lead the next big Business Transformations?’ as a part of his Keynote on Day 1 of the event. The context of his keynote was the fact that for a long, HR has played the ‘facilitator’ of functions, and its success has been associated with phrases like ‘employee delight’, ‘employee retention, and ‘cost efficiencies’. Any future scoping of business has been led by other functions in the board room. The post-pandemic metamorphosis of the business world, however, has suddenly thrown the gauntlet to the HR, and at this critical point in time, circumstances have put the spotlight firmly on the HR leader to bring about business transformations that can show the way to better productivity and a new order of working.

“Organisations that know where they stand are going to do better than their peers today”, said Mukul Jain, CEO of HONO, on HR leading the next big business transformations.

Randeep Singh, COO, HONO, presented the HONO AI-backed platform as a part of the ‘Product Showcase’. He also deftly conducted and catalysed the conversations on “Great Expectations: What People Want From Their Leaders?” with panelists Vishpala Reddy (CHRO, Philips), Sandeep Girotra (President & CHRO, DCM Shriram), Debashish Ghosh (VP, Berkadia, a Berkshire Hathway & Jeffries Financial Services Co) and Sandeep Gautam (CHRO, National Engineering Industries). The session considered and discussed the entire gamut of expectations from the leadership from the lens of employees - in an age when HR tech is being used heavily. This session explored some of the best practices to help achieve employee delight.
Sharat Sawhney, DGM Product Management at HONO, presented his thoughts on “Talent Management Insights: Industry 4.0”. This session explored the disruption that tech can cause in the new age economy coupled with changing consumer preferences to acquire, retain and engage tech talent. Sharat also took the audience through a Product Showcase of HONO products on day 2 of the event.

Rajesh Padmanabhan, Chairman, HONO, moderated the exciting session on “Reducing Bias & Driving Inclusion: AI@work”. The session explored the hybrid work modes taking shape, and how businesses identify the right strategy for success, with maximum employee buy-in, cross-functional significance, and measurable results by way of effective rewards and recognition. The panelists were Maneesh Menda (Head HR, India, NatWest Group), Misha Nathani (Head Product Marketing, Gratifi), and Lauren Huntington (Solution Strategist, Qualtrics).

Guests & Stall, & Book Launch Of The HR Transformation Case Studies Book

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The HONO stall played host to guests and visitors throughout the two days of the event, standing out and turning into a buzz point for conversations around HONO’s innovations, which were showcased in the stall. 

The HONO book “HR Transformation Case Studies”, a collection of case studies from 5 industry verticals, showcasing business transformations led by HR-tech executions. The book was launched with a signing by Rajesh Padmanabhan, Chairman, HONO, and gifted to visitors that included Vijaya Nair (Associate Dean, CVR College), Kshitij Batra (Deputy GM & Head Sales HR - North, Central & East India, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd), Ravikanth Reddy (Founder and CEO PQUEST Human Resources Private Limited) and Lavanya Chandrasekar (Learning and Talent Development).

Visitors could also download the HR Transformation Case Studies e-book by simply scanning the code at the stall.

Thought Leadership is the norm at HONO and keeping with our legacy, our senior thought leaders led the charge for a new world of revolutionary and transformatory HR & HR-tech practices at the SHRMTech22, Hyderabad.  We’re proud to have been a part of this event, which true to its tradition of shaping HR and HR-Tech conversations across the country and the globe provided us with the perfect platform to engage with the difficult HR questions of the day.

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO