Small Innovation, Big Impact: HAPACS

It’s a nifty HR-Tech innovation, creating an Attendance & Personnel Access Control System that can have a butterfly effect on workforce management.

No matter what the business, everyone needs to keep track of what one may see as a minor and traditional HR task: managing personnel attendance. And it didn’t quite matter so much till a few years back when business enterprises still had the comfort of a consistent workspace, real or virtual, and by and large employees who came to work within fixed spaces consistently.

But it’s different now, as most organisations will attest.

The challenge of capturing attendance information from co-located personnel across multiple and shifting time slots, both physical and virtual is daunting. To add to the challenge is the increased difficulty of ensuring that attendance data is bonafide and not proxy, and to ensure that the data is real-time so that management and operational teams can make course corrections (wherever and whenever needed).

Primitive systems of rollcall, punch-in, swipe-in, check-in, and the like – cannot cope with today’s needs. Besides, they are inconsistent, require manual intervention, and still do not provide the desired results.

So, what one needs, is something designed as an elegant system to address all these challenges and more.

One needs a product like HAPACS or the HONO Attendance & Personnel Access Control System.

HAPACS is run by a powerful AI-driven facial recognition module and is designed for contemporary workspaces, no matter whether they are virtual and multi-location based or physical.

It integrates easily with existing systems and allows personnel to check-in effortlessly, even on the go, at a kiosk or simply using a mobile application. What’s more, it ensures real-time verified data is made available for Operations, HR, and Management teams anytime, anywhere.

But do you need such an advanced HR-tech product? How should you know? 

Here’s a quick-list we’ve drawn out for you, and if…

- You’re still relying on biometric and punch-ins

- Your millennial employees take advantage of your old systems to hustle and beat it

- Your attendance punch-in systems still make employees queue-up

- You never seem to get real-time attendance data to schedule roster changes for the day

- You need dependable and consistent verified information about who is on the floor and for how long

…you do need HAPACS.

Product Benefits: Of HONO Attendance & Personnel Access Control System

- Provides simple and easy access for personnel

- Proves effective in physical location check-ins as well as remote logins

- Provides real-time attendance data

- Gives verified and authentic data and makes proxy attendance nearly impossible

- Restores dignity of workforce with an attendance system that doesn't need them to queue up.

Product Features: Of HONO Attendance & Personnel Access Control System

- Can be set up at a gate, an entry spot, or an entry kiosk

- Can also be set up as a virtual entry tool in an application

- Personnel simply has to stop and blink at the access spot and the system recognises and registers the presence

- Not just attendance, but even entry to premises can be powered by HONOS’ AI-driven facial recognition

- Provides real-time attendance data connected to a central hub for timely action

- Allows for ‘quiet check-in’, giving employees a greater sense of dignity

So, if you think it’s time to upgrade your attendance system for an AI-backed system with future-ready technology, HAPACS is something we strongly recommend.

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO