The Arithmetic of Sentiment: The Millennial HR Needs A Sentiment Mapping System

When even evolved businesses with healthy checks and balances and what were seen as ‘progressive HR practices’ begin to lose people and see an impact on both productivity and morale, it is time to look at technology, specifically advanced AI-backed HR-tech innovations to step in. Here’s a state-of-the-art HR-tech product called PULSE with the promise of transformative solutions.

Sentiment Mapping System

HR needs a platform that can simultaneously listen, know, analyse and act.

As businesses the world over struggle with the challenge of employee retention and hiring, even in companies where seemingly everything else is in place, the questions which earlier were asked only on hindsight, suddenly begin to take center stage:

- Are the employees really happy?

- Why are they leaving despite healthy increments?

- What is their sentiment on new policies being rolled out?

- Why is productivity dipping even when all external signs seem positive?

For companies that have always been focused on the proverbial ‘revenue & productivity numbers, seen as the biggest markers of a company’s success and business health, it is a challenge when productivity begins to slip mysteriously, or key resources, even ones you feel are looked after, begin to take flight.

Shifting The Goal Post – A Little
It is time to also look at another set of numbers, reports, and answers, which come from a tangible measure of the mood, sentiment, and happiness of your workforce. Do remember that even the best economists do not look at merely GDP numbers when studying the societal health of a nation, they now also look to what is referred to as a Happiness Index.

Arithmetic of employee feelings

HONO PULSE allows HR and team leaders to know the mood & sentiment of individuals and teams, anytime and anywhere, delivered on browser, app and whatsapp, besides a smart voice-enabled chatbot.

The demands of the day have made it imperative that business seriously consider a sentiment mapping, modulating and happiness measuring platform. Responding to and anticipating such a need, HONO, after significant research and analyses introduced an AI-backed employee engagement & sentiment tracking platform called HONO PULSE, which is already turning around problems for businesses around the world.

Product Benefits For HR & Businesses
Here are some of the clear benefits of HONO PULSE, ways in which it can empower an HR to take the more amorphous challenges of the day head-on:

Hono pulse

The benefits HR & business leaders accrue are more than merely ‘HR benefits’, impacting decision-making and business productivity.

- Measure Employee Engagement by Employee, Team, Department, Level & Location

- Measure Employee Mood & Sentiment anytime, anywhere

- Use HONO PULSE's feedback survey templates & question bank, that consider psychological validity and survey biases

- Create your own custom queries

- Get in-depth reports with AI-backed action nudges and AI-processed answers

- Track employee satisfaction based on Employee Lifecycle, Transaction & Engagement responses

- Get 360 Degree multi-level feedback integrated with a year-long continuous performance assessment

- Stay engaged over HONO PULSE, using the HONO chatbot over the web, SMS, WhatsApp & any other application

A strong believer in the solution PP Sukumaran (President - Group HR) GVK Group (Mumbai International Airport LTD) commented on the executional efficiency of the product and the customisation brought to it,

“I have witnessed HONO being implanted at our site. Was impressed largely for three reasons: Attention to customer needs, willingness, and ?exibility to customize the system to accommodate the needs, fast response from the development team as well as senior associates, and cost e?ective. We have used the HONO Pulse tool to conduct dipstick engagement surveys and receive crisp dashboards with meaningful Insights.”

Developed in response to a whole library of HR pain-points when it comes to employee engagement and employee feedback, the feature sets of PULSE are both robust and flexible (for ease of customisation).

sentiment mapping and modulating system

A snapshot of the functions and features of PULSE, which range from transactional insights to lifecycle insight and culture-change insights, constantly pre-empting any red-flag using a powerful AI engine.

Here’s a ready reckoner of the salient features of PULSE:

- Feedback Survey Library with hundreds of validated questions & templates

- Customization Option for question, survey & templates

- Modular platform, easily integrated with existing systems

- Deployed and accessible across web & app and supported by user-friendly chat-bot

- Real-time response & reporting

- Mood, Sentiment & Response tracking by personnel, team, department, level & location

- Integrate-able with PMS (Performance Management Systems) for 360-degree feedback for assessments

- Reports, analysis & processing by AI-backed self-learning systems

- Actionable nudges on critical reports

A powerful employee engagement & sentiment measuring platform, PULSE is modular, easy to deploy, easy to use and accessible over the web and a state-of-the-art mobile app.

HR Of Best Brands Use Pulse
Aakash Byju's, DB Corp Ltd., Orient Bell Ltd., Talent Edge Group, Welspun Group, Al Fardan Exchange Dubai, UAE, Mumbai International Airport, Teleperformance Global Services are just some of the forward-looking brands that are already benefitting from the value PULSE brings to a brand. They are a testimony to the power of the platform and its success.

So no matter which business or industry vertical you are in, keeping an eye on the ‘arithmetic of sentiment’ is as critical to your success as the ‘sentiment of arithmetic’ - the traditional revenue & productivity numbers you focus on.

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO