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Every organisation is transitioning to evolving HR systems that are now necessary to organize contemporary fluid workspaces. One of them is the Leave and Attendance Management System which holds importance to celebrate and adjust to new work rhythms in hybrid models of working.

Workspaces have departed from their conventional meaning that restricted their existence to a mere four walls of offices within 9 to 6 office hours. Now, it has transformed to involve work from home, virtual offices, traditional on-site working, and collocated working. With the ever expanding workspace boundaries, it is HR that faces the daily brunt of managing ‘leave and attendance, a challenge that can no longer be faced without smart HR systems. 

Need for Updated and Upgraded Leave and Attendance Management System

Traditional workspaces have used a number of methods to address Leave and Attendance management: beginning with the old physical punch-card system and manual registers, made popular in factories of the ’40s and ’50s, followed by an electronic version of the same system, with manual updation of digital sheets; systems that range from filling of physical forms for leave to maintaining lengthy compliance rule books – HR has used and adapted to change in workspaces continuously.

The challenge now is the new fluid workspace. Picture this: A team where half the personnel work from home and half the personnel work on-site but are in far-off locations. The personnel working on-site have the option to work from home for some number of days. All the personnel are on different shifts and rosters.

Imagine managing attendance and leave for this workforce aligned with compliances – and then imagine computing the data every month, manually or semi-manually for payroll.

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Solve your Attendance and Leave Management Challenges with HONO

The following questions could be a deadly combination of cocktails cut out for your existing HR Leave and Attendance Management system:

  • How to manage the attendance of hybrid working teams?
  • How to keep track of leave and attendance, especially across geographies and on the scale?
  • How to confirm that the personnel are at the locations they claim to be?
  • How to ensure proxy attendances are impossible to make?
  • How to get accurate, consistent attendance data, and get it in real-time?
  • How to ensure that leaves and shifts are aligned with compliance?

Old systems of Leave and Attendance Management leave HR struggling to address these questions.

But HONO has an answer – which is simple, future-ready for remote-working and for managing the leave and attendance of hybrid workforces in attendance and leave management:

HONO Next-Gen Attendance Management System

Leave and Attendance Management Features, HONO

The HONO Next-gen Leave and Attendance system has been specifically designed to empower HR teams to address all the challenges of managing future office workforces. It is modular and can easily be integrated with existing systems or legacy HRMS.

Large conglomerates, in particular, who may be currently operating through manual leave and attendance systems using different biometric providers and a time-office process, are constantly in danger of compliance risks and compromised employee experience due to a lack of standardized policies and seamless processes across geographies and workgroups.

The HONO Next-Gen Leave and Attendance Solution helps configure, track, and manage leave and attendance effortlessly. The focus, however, is to drive productivity. Productivity Maximization happens through optimizing workforce management with data, without which companies can end up facing financial losses, increased compliance and legal risks, and major disruptions to production schedules and delivery timelines.

Benefits of HONO’s Leave and Attendance Management System for HR, Managers and Employees

Leave and Attendance Management Benefits, HONO

With our bespoke Attendance and Leave Management System, HR and Managers can:

  • Get early warning of absences
  • Benefit from AI-backed auto-rostering and personnel substitution (with matching skills)
  • Minimise productivity loss (due to production line gaps)
  • Reduce time and effort on roster management
  • Begin sharper strategic and tactical manpower planning with AI
  • Reduce Manpower costs
  • Create a ready database of mapped skills, work-lines and personnel

Leave and Attendance Management Benefits to Employees

How does our future-ready Leave and Attendance Management System help employees?

  • Clock in and out with automated approval, great for on-the-go employees
  • Perform multiple check-ins
  • Act on time, responding to AI-generated system nudges to capture timely attendance

For greater accuracy, better employee access, easier scheduling, improved flexibility, greater accountability and increased productivity, our state-of-the-art HAPAC is the solution. So, if you’d like us to help you upgrade your attendance system, and make your workspace future-ready, do reach out. We’re always ready to have a good chat on how we can help you!

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO