Why do you Need a Employee Experience Platform?


Why do you Need a Employee Experience Platform?

“We have been working on our current system last 10 years, never faced an issue with data storage! There is no issue with storing data in our current ingrown or legacy system! Other than some, most of Our employees have not complained,

Why Change?

You should not, if you think Data is a liability which needs to be stored and not leveraged!

You should not, if you still want your leaders to shoot based on their Gut or worse shoot in the blind!

You should not, if you think your key talent will complain & not leave!

Know this: Great employees don’t complain. They walk away.


What is the Challenge with which most HR Teams are grappling with?

When processes are manual, or worse, paper-based, the HR team simply doesn’t have time for engagement & strategic initiatives.

Data Interpretation is not one of the top skills on the resume of a HR Leader.

What I’m saying here is that “safely stored historical data” of the organisation, that one almost never refers to- holds the Key to your organisations future growth!

Everything from troubleshooting your recruiting pipeline to predicting flight risk, labor costs, overtime and turnover—are in your company’s HR, payroll, ATS and time systems.

 Yet, it sleeps “safely stored” while most HR leaders struggle to find solutions basis their “gut”.

Herein lies the answer to why the need to change?

Your existing Data is the key to organisational transformation & holds the answers to your businesses most critical Questions:

  • Who is likely to Exit?
  • Who should be considered for a new promotion?
  • What is your likely absenteeism? Is there a skew in a particular function?
  • How does the actual spend on total rewards compare to the budgeted amount?
  • Are you allocating enough money for compensation to stay competitive?
  • How do budgeted salary increases compare for males and females? …..


The right Technology is the key to transform the existing, disparate, seemingly unrelated, complex data sets into meaningful insights to drive meaningful & productive change for your workforce.



The current day HR Leaders are being looked at, to answer the Board rooms & businesses most pressing Q’s . They can do this successfully only if they can separate the signals from the noise and turn people data into consumable, actionable insights that improve decision making around key business initiatives like attracting talent and reducing turnover.

What makes a HR LEADER of Today stand out?

Most legacy HR practices & metrics are standard. Yet there are some leaders that clearly standout and the result is a thriving organization!

The difference in these leaders is that they don’t invest their time in basic cost analysis ,forming attendance reports or tactical & standard processes. These Leaders use data analytics to map people management metrics to business outcomes. That gets the Board Room Leaders to pay attention & action tasks to fuel org growth.




AI & Intelligent tools empowers organizations with high-impact, easy-to-consume, real-time insights on every moment of the employee journey .By transforming complex data into trends, predictions and powerful benchmarking. It enables a leader to observe trends, pinpoint problems and take action.

Who is to Benefit?

  • HR leaders grappling with issues arising from fragmented reporting from their HR system.
  • Teams that want to make decisions based on data, not their gut.
  • People managers who want to optimize their teams and use insights to drive better performance.
  • Organisations which AIM to grow



Our Effective Dashboards, display the calculation and methodology behind the output in clear, easy & Impactful dashboards, so you can speak with confidence, eliminate potential errors and improve leadership trust in you and your team.

We Operationalize your data to provide interesting moments that will directly impact your organization. From analyzing headcount to monitoring turnover,  we help you understand what factors are causing change, the rate employees are leaving and provide the financial impact of compensation, absenteeism and other factors.

HONO is a powerful platform bringing enterprise-level insights to medium and small business, empowering you to make on time effective decisions for a productive workforce!

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO