8 Powerful Ways Conversational AI Automates Your HR Activities

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Key Takeaways: 

1- Time Efficiency Impact: Employees lose 60 hours per month to automatable tasks; HR chatbots offer a solution by automating routine activities and enabling continuous communication throughout HR processes.

2- Holistic HR Solution: Conversational AI in HR addresses challenges from recruitment to offboarding, providing a comprehensive 360-degree solution.

3- Challenges Faced by HR Teams:

Monotonous tasks like payroll and file upkeep hinder HR productivity.

Conversational AI emerges as a solution, backed by research, addressing challenges and promoting more strategic HR initiatives.

4- AI-Driven Solutions in HR:

Building Trust: 64% trust robots more than managers, emphasizing the potential of AI to improve employee experiences and credibility.

Advancements in AI: Automation capabilities, especially in natural language generation, have doubled since 2018, enhancing communication and task handling.

CEO Recognition: Two-thirds of CEOs recognize AI's value in HR, fostering transparency and communication.

Implementation of AI: Predictions indicate 75% of HR inquiries will be handled by chatbots, with 92% of HR departments acknowledging their usefulness.

Early Adoption: 13% of HR teams adopt AI tools, address queries, providing recommendations, and assisting in HR tasks.

5- Conversational AI Solutions for HR Challenges:

Enhanced Onboarding: HR chatbots guide new hires through onboarding, answering questions, and granting access without IT involvement.

Automated Workflows: HR chatbots assist in creating automated workflows, allowing staff to focus on core tasks.

Consistent Experience: Conversational AI ensures consistency by centralizing information and managing access permissions.

Customized Assistance: HR chatbots offer personalized assistance based on past interactions, improving efficiency.

Faster Feedback: Chatbots assess employee satisfaction anonymously, using sentiment analysis to identify emotions.

6- Building a Stronger Company Culture:

HR chatbots contribute to a stronger company culture by having frequent, personalized conversations with employees.

7- Round-the-Clock Access and Employee Engagement:

HR chatbots provide 24/7 access to FAQs and offer a self-service platform, engaging employees at any level.

Insights gained help management understand employee sentiments, contributing to better decision-making.

8- HONO's AI HR Chatbot:

Comprehensive HR Management: HONO's Chat First HCM system streamlines processes with intelligent nudges, predictive analytics, and autonomous actions.

End-User Transactions: Facilitates transactions over WhatsApp and MS Teams for a user-friendly experience.

Business Insights: HONO provides insights into employee searches, challenges, and sentiments, aiding informed decision-making.

Did you know employees spend an average of 3 hours each day on activities that might be automated with little effort? With an 8-hour workday being the global norm, according to the
survey, the average employee loses 60 hours per month to easily automatable tasks.

HR chatbots to your rescue! Conversational AI in HR not only facilitates the automation of many routine activities but also enables continuous communication across a wide variety of channels and contexts. Conversational AI in HR offers a 360-degree solution right from recruitment, onboarding, and critical HR processes to offboarding employees.

Let’s understand how these HR chatbots can help overcome the daily cumbersome tasks faced by your HR team. We also have a solution offered at the end. Read the entire blog to know more.

What are the challenges faced by HR teams?

Payroll processing, personnel file upkeep, policy revisions, and fielding phone calls and emails are just a few examples of the repetitive tasks that HR professionals encounter daily. These tasks take a lot of their time and deflect them from
focusing on the right organizational outcomes.

Unfortunately, the monotony of manual work reduces their productivity. Instead of answering queries, they'd rather work on improving the company's culture and enhancing the lives of its employees through initiatives like employee engagement, training, retention, and relationships.

Conversational AI is increasingly seen as a solution to several challenges faced by HR teams, a perspective supported by recent research and industry trends. Here's how conversational AI can help solve these challenges, incorporating insights from various studies:
  • Building Trust with Employees: According to Oracle and Future Workplace’s research, a significant 64% of respondents trust robots more than their managers. This trust in AI-driven solutions highlights the potential for conversational AI to improve employee experiences and establish credibility.
  • Advancements in AI and Automation: McKinsey & Company’s findings show that automation capabilities, particularly in natural language generation, have doubled since 2018. This technological advancement allows HR professionals to leverage AI for more efficient and effective communication and task handling.
  • CEO Recognition of AI in HR: IBM’s research indicates that two-thirds of CEOs recognize the value of AI in human resources. Conversational AI can foster transparency and open communication, providing employees with clear explanations of how algorithms work and the benefits they bring.
  • Implementation of AI-Powered Solutions: Gartner predicts that 75% of HR inquiries will be handled by chatbots and conversational AI platforms. ServiceNow’s survey reinforces this, with 92% of HR departments acknowledging the usefulness of chatbots in guiding employees to required information.
  • Early Adoption and Expansion: With 13% of HR teams already adopting chatbots, virtual assistants, or machine learning apps for employee services, it’s clear that the early adoption of AI tools in HR is gaining momentum. These tools address employee queries, offer personalized recommendations, and assist in various HR tasks.
  • Automating Routine HR Inquiries: HR departments can implement self-service conversational AI to handle routine employee inquiries, automate HR service desk operations, and provide self-service options for leave requests and benefits enrollment.
  • Intelligent HR Analytics Platforms: The application of AI in HR analytics allows for the analysis of large volumes of data, providing insights on employee performance, attrition risks, and training needs.
By embracing these AI-driven solutions, HR teams can tackle their challenges more effectively, leading to streamlined processes, enhanced employee experiences, and more informed decision-making. Conversational AI stands as a transformative tool in the realm of human resources, backed by significant research and industry acknowledgment.

How can conversational AI solutions solve
challenges faced by the HR team?

conversational ai

Human resources departments are important to the success of any business. They are accountable for
larger concerns like staff engagement, employee happiness, and retention in addition to the day-to-day
responsibilities that are expected of them.

Here are eight ways AI conversation software can enhance the productivity of the HR department and the organization as a whole.

1. Enhances the onboarding experience
The first day of work is always challenging. There are forms to fill out and sign, manuals to read, and various HR-related responsibilities to carry out. New hires can have many of their questions answered by an HR chatbot. Everything about the position, from benefits to expected contributions, will be laid out in detail. 

The conversational intelligence software can also guide the new hire through the onboarding process. The HR chatbot can grant the new hire access to whichever platform they desire without involving the IT department.

2. Develop automated workflows
HR chatbots can assist in the creation of automated workflows that can give everything from how to grant access to specific tools to obtaining permissions from other departments. It allows staff to concentrate on the tasks for which they were hired.

3. Creates a consistent experience
Inconsistent experiences are a common problem for large organizations. This occurs because teams don't share their methods and information. Conversational AI solutions can supply essential information, and employees can access it without involving several departments. It also allows you to manage access permissions, which is useful if you don't want specific information shared with all levels of employees.

4. Customized employee assistance
In addition to centralizing information, HR chatbots also provide personalized assistance based on an employee's past interactions with the bot. The best conversational AI software can provide employees with tailored assistance that helps them get more done in less time.

5. Faster feedback 
HR chatbots can assess employee satisfaction. When your immediate manager sends out survey forms, the average employee is more inclined to give favorable comments to please higher-ups. A conversational AI chatbot solution's anonymity enables them to express their emotions.

HR chatbots using sentimental analysis and NLP raise expectations. The chatbot can identify rage, grief, irritation, happiness, and more, and employees who feel poorly about the company can be given extra attention.

6. Building a stronger company culture
The holy goal for most businesses is to ensure that their employees are inspired to complete their work without interruptions. While several tools exist to keep workers inspired, nothing beats a chatbot when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. Human resources chatbots can have frequent conversations with workers and tailor their responses to each individual's needs.

7. Round-the-clock access
HR chatbots can answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about insurance plans, processes, common policies, and more. The HR chatbot can hand off more complicated inquiries to a real person if it can't handle them.

8. Employee engagement
HR chatbots can function as a useful self-service platform. Conversational AI software solutions enabled by NLP may converse with employees, interpret how they feel, and offer relevant answers. HR chatbots can interact with employees at any level. It would also assist management in understanding employee sentiments.

HR chatbots assist organizations in gaining a holistic view of what employees frequently search for, what challenges they face, how they react to a specific change in policy, and so on. The conversational intelligence software’s insights can be used to make business decisions.

Try HONO's AI HR Chatbot if you want to empower your HR team with an intelligent automation platform. 

HONO is a conversational AI-based HCM system that provides a comprehensive set of HR management solutions. It facilitates end-user transactions over WhatsApp and MS Teams using a "Chat First" methodology. HONO helps organizations streamline their HR processes by leveraging intelligent nudges, predictive analytics, and autonomous actions. Furthermore, the platform provides a single source of reference for all HR-related data, making it easier for organizations to properly manage their employees.

Request a demo to learn more about HONO's conversational AI based HCM solution and how it may revolutionize your HR system.

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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO