HONO is a people-first, employee experience platform that utilizes next-gen technology to unify the entire employee lifecycle, surface real-time actionable insights, and acts as a single source of truth leading to successful Organization Transformations. A confluence of intuitive technology and insightful HR leadership, HONO is a disruptive HCM solution brand designed to engage, enable and transform workplaces and elevate the employee experience.

Aiming at bridging HR and business outcomes, HONO is driven by the idea of “Happy People” to increase employee engagement with the use of AI and a blend of intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use technology. Believing in “One size fits one”,  at the heart of HONO's mission as a technology solutions provider is to build tools that complement the unique essence of a company's flow of work and elevate its HR strategy to protect productivity and benefits employee efficiency.

Designed by HR practitioners for HR practitioners, HONO envisions a global transition from rigid legacy systems and fragmented assistance to seamless solutions driving change by addressing the problem and ensuring an impactful future.

Growing and expanding rapidly, HONO has successfully driven HR transformations across 300+ organizations, globally servicing over 1 million employees worldwide. With a vision of a comprehensive New Employee Experience driven by unique & powerful AI, NLP, HONO helps organizational evolution with end-to-end, agile HCM platforms empowering HR leaders, managers, and employees to operate futuristically. Over the years, HONO has successfully set new benchmarks for employee experience in the SEA and MENA region and is expanding to 24 geographical nations across the world in the nearest future.



  • ONE SIZE FITS ONE – Designing highly configurable solutions that support an organization’s uniqueness with a consulting approach to critically analyse workforce requirements to drive change and efficiency


  • HONO MOMENTS OF TRUTH – Decoding the 9 critical moments of employee lifecycle with evidence-based insights to enable a purpose-led culture in organizations


  • SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH - Providing an end-to-end, unified, integrated system to make all HR processes and analytics seamless to add value to the organization with accurate analytics and real-time insights for improved decision making


  • MOBILE FIRST INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – Digitizing all HR processes, enabling self-service to empower employees, management, and HR with user-friendly, mobile solutions to be accessed anytime, from anywhere


Discover the entire suite of HONO offerings to empower employees & organizations

ENABLE: An A-Z answer to talent management, employee recruitment, onboarding, and separation challenges, HONO helps organizations strategize hiring with their Hire to Retain solution that maps out all interactions and transactions with potential talent.

  • Acquire talent through résumé parsing
  • Support candidates with the screening and onboarding process
  • Facilitate complete employee lifecycle with accurate data & analytics
  • Address everyday needs of personnel - check-ins, shift management, leave & attendance, payroll tracking, asset management, separation etc.
  • Foster employees' continuous growth through regular feedback and development discussions
  • Maintain positive relationships and open communication channels with former employees through an alumni network


ENGAGE: A collaborative solution that allows HR to interact and conduct sentimental analysis of the entire organization on a singular platform using tools and mechanisms like HONO Pulse, Social, and MOT.

  • Conduct constant pulse checks, surveys, and psychometric analyses for increased visibility into the sentiments, views, and possible pain points of employees at work
  • Intuitive HONO Chatbot for web and mobile applications to gauge employee mood for sentiment check
  • HONO MOT to encapsulate the nine critical 'moments of truth' throughout the employee journey to support leaders with actionable, data-driven, and real-time insights


  • HONO Social platform encourages greater collaboration and camaraderie among employees by allowing an exchange of ideas, documents, photos, and notes – in real-time

TRANSFORM: A transformational solution supporting leaders in encouraging, training, and helping employees pursue promotional and growth opportunities within the organization using Workforce Analytics, Predictive Analysis, NLP, AI & Prescriptive Actions to gain insights into employee productivity trends and patterns.

  • Payroll Analytics to support spending patterns, compensation trends and benchmarking, compliance, staff forecasting and hiring strategies
  • Leave and attendance analytics to manage absenteeism, and support productivity with replacement strategies using competency and skill matching
  • Workforce management to maximize employee competency by predicting areas of improvement
  • Separation analytics to support separation and offboarding of employees
  • Predictive analysis to predict employee risks of leaving and reform retention solutions



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Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO

Senior Industry & Consulting Leader, Rajesh Padmanabhan Appointed As Chairman, HONO